Unmatched performance. Award-winning quality. Made in the USA. Why would you settle for anything less? With PacFlex you can take advantage of US-based manufacturing for your packaging needs. Make long lead times a thing of the past with domestic and international options to give you peace of mind in meeting critical deadlines – on your terms.


Brand owners want outstanding products to truly stand out. Our team understands the importance of high quality printing and finish options as the ultimate vehicle for your branding/graphics. Explore high definition printing using flexographic or rotogravure presses to obtain spot-on color and clarity. We also ensure quality at every stage of manufacturing, through 100% in-line inspection processes and 3rd party audits that guarantee our total commitment to product excellence.

W&H Miraflex Press
Super Combi 3000


Laminated film is a core component in flexible packaging because of the versatility one can achieve in terms of aesthetics, performance, strength, shelf-life and more. This applies to flexible packaging for snacks, bakery, frozen foods, meat and seafood, produce, dairy and deli, ready meals, liquids, and non-food applications.

With the availability of solvent or solvent-less lamination – as well as Cold Seal and Anti-fog specialized coatings – we can engineer each solution to the most demanding specifications.


High-definition printing and versatile lamination are just the start of a packaging production workflow. At PacFlex, our in-house slitter/rewinder allows us to deliver on our promise of quality, turnkey solutions: faster production, greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Enjoy the advantages of a centralized packaging pipeline, from start to finish.


Our team of experts is prepared to deliver the optimal flexible packaging solution for your products – meeting performance criteria, consumer expectations, and presentation requirements – all in the service of your brand. Whether you need stand-up pouches, liquid pouches with custom fitments, forming and non-forming films, MAP trays and padding, steam-in bags, or packaging for non-food applications…we are the complete package.

Features available:

  • Fitments
  • Gloss, Spot Gloss, Matte, Clear Window
  • Closures (zipper, press to close, velcro)


  • Domestic Manufacturer
  • Quick Turn-around Times
  • Flexographic or Rotogravure Printing
  • Specialized Coatings (including Cold Seal and Anti-fog)
  • Solvent or Solventless Lamination
  • 100% In-line Inspection
  • Slitter/Rewinder
  • 3rd Party Audits
  • Custom Finishing Options