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Snacks are meant to go anywhere and be the meal in between meals—the packaging needs to facilitate that. PacFlex will identify a wide range of flexible packaging solutions to help you find the right balance of barrier, aesthetics, and user functionality. These qualities are key  getting your product initially picked up by the end user, and keep them coming back for more.

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Snack pouches

Packaging Solutions for Ready Meals


Opportunities to cook a meal, at times, may be scarce and sometimes the only cooking tool available is a microwave. Whether it be a rigid plastic with a clear or printed lidding film or a standup or flat printed pouch, when consumers can’t physically cook, they want their meal to be ready when they want it, where they want it,  at prices comparable to the options that were forgone.

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Dairy and Deli items come in all shapes, sizes, and temperatures. Dependent on the application you need for your product, PacFlex can provide packaging options and solutions that differentiate your product to the consumer as well as maintain the integrity of the product in whatever environs chosen.

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Dairy & Deli packaging
Produce Packaging Solutions and Fruit Pads


Balance is key to a healthy diet and packaging produce is the same way. Specific oxygen transmission rates are needed to ensure that your product gets the optimum shelf life needed for both you and the customer. It’s not always as easy as just finding one OTR for all either—different products have different needs and when thrown in a combination, finding the right fit can be tricky. Let PacFlex help you to find the packaging that is best for your product.

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Nothing beats the smell of freshly cooked items out of the kitchen – opening a package from the bakery section or cooking a pre-packaged pizza or pasta shouldn’t be any different. No matter what method used to get your product to the customer: un-cooked, par-baked, or fresh, the packaging needs to preserve the qualities that make it distinctive. PacFlex has the expertise to ensure the preservation of your product and the desire to have customers enjoying the homemade feel of it.

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Bakery & Pasta Packaging Solutions (Baked Goods)
Meat & Seafood Packaging Solutions, Meat Trays and Meat Padding


Marinated, seasoned, or just plain, a great cut of meat should be shown off with pride at the store level. Our meat trays are made to order for your desires—with different choices in sizing depending on your tooling and cuts of meat, different colors or clarity, and different barrier properties to achieve the shelf life preferred. To add to the overall aesthetic of the trays, our lidding film (plain or printed) will also achieve the functional needs you have while providing branding opportunities. If your needs fall more into vacuum packaging, PacFlex has forming and non-forming film in various thicknesses that ensure high quality with high barrier properties.

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Just because your product is in the frozen section at the grocery store doesn’t mean the packaging should be lost in the frost. PacFlex prides ourselves on providing distinctive and functional packaging. Let us help you set your product apart in cases upon cases of “frozen in time” packaging with new, innovative printing and packaging options.

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Frozen Food Packaging Solutions
LIquids Packaging Solutions


Packaging liquids is a slippery process. Distinguishing your product in the vastly populated shelving is key to getting your product picked up by consumers. Let PacFlex find the optimal packaging solution for bringing your liquid to market.

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PacFlex doesn’t stop at food packaging. We strive to help distinguish customers’ products in the non-food markets via aesthetically functional packaging that is designed around your needs. Whether the product needs packaging that is thermo-formed, injection molded, or made via roll stock, we have the alliances to make a package that works for you and keeps the end user in mind.

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Non-Foods Packaging Solutions